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"To establish an academy of excellence with focus on value based education"


"To advance knowledge in the areas of science, technology, management and related disciplines of scholarship with focus on developing relevant skills, competence and attitude to meet the needs of the society and the industry in the 21st century. 


To train professionals imbibing skills, competence and positive attitude with a focus on the needs of society and industry.

To generate new knowledge by engaging in research in the frontiers of technology adaptable for use by the common man.

To undertake collaborative projects and consultancy with industry and transfer technologies so developed.

To develop and sustain a transparent organization through continuous up-gradation of the institutional system.

To provide environment for the professional growth of faculty.


The VIHST aims at nurturing the talent of young boys and girls by providing them high quality education. VIHSTs vision brings a global perspective to all its activities. Driven by this vision, VIHST has constantly endeavoured to grow and consolidate its global network. Our aim is to incorporate the world’s best academic practices into our programmes, namely our management and executive programmes. As VIHST’s vision has taken shape and grown, quite naturally the people associated with VIHST have also grown in tandem. Our highly experienced faculties have increasingly worked on research problems as well as research oriented consulting, and have made significant contribution to know-how world-wide. Our bright young students have developed their minds and have embarked upon promising careers in the corporate world. The executives who have been trained at VIHST have developed their latent managerial and leadership capabilities, and several of them have made it right to the top in their respective organizations.

The campus of VIHST located in National Capital Region, provides a highly conducive academic environment, interaction with hard working and industry-academia mix professors, proximity to the strategy makers of the industry and practitioners of the service and manufacturing companies, exposure to the national universities and companies, and a ready profile of strong alumni base spread throughout the India. To create a learning community that values productive and creative actions The educational process that would help the community realize these values is through inward and outward openness. In VIHST campus, every member, staff or student has sufficient freedom to pursue his \her own interests while meeting the common interests of community. Free development of each individual is an essential condition for the free development of all.


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