Easy Tips to Colour Your Hair Naturally with Henna At Home

For those who love to colour their hair, chemical based hair dyes are a popular option. But it harms the hair in the long run due to harsh chemicals and is expensive because each trip to the salon burns a hole in the pocket. As an alternate and popular alternative, henna has rightly established its place as the natural hair dye, that is rich in anti-oxidants, has great nourishing properties and makes the hair stronger. Henna application covers greys and soothes itchy scalp to prevent dandruff. Not many people know that the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of henna help to prevent allergies. Being a natural conditioner, it leaves the hair stronger, healthier and softer while covering pale grey hair and giving them a great colour. Most importantly, one can apply henna at their own convenience. To get the best out of henna application, Clelia Cecilia Angelon, Founder & CEO, Surya Brasil shares some tips that you can follow to get best results.

Wash your hair before henna application

Due to dust and pollution present in the hair, our hair gets a layer of impurities which need to be cleansed regularly. It becomes even more important to have clean hair before you apply henna, as it will not be able to bind and give the results that you desire. Washing your hair with a mild shampoo an hour before applying it will cleanse the scalp, enabling it to absorb the nutrients present in henna. Applying henna paste for just two hours can lead to naturally dyed hair.

Mix natural ingredients in henna

Most of us know that henna when soaked in tea or coffee infused water gives better results. Ayurvedic herbs like indigo and methi add natural nutrients to the henna. Likewise, mixing herbs like Jua, malva, guarana, babassu oil, Jaborandi, Copaíba, Guarana, Cumaru, Açaí and powder oils of olive and coconut found in Amazonian rainforests can lead to longer, stronger hair. These 15 herbs from Indian forests and Brazilian rainforests can give you unmatchable results. If you don’t have the time to search for these ingredients, then you can buy pre-mix henna from the market that have them.

Pre-mixed henna cream

Nowadays pre-mixed henna paste with easy and ready to use applicator is also available for those who need quick solutions. These vegan, organic and natural products are void of harmful chemicals such as PPD, EDTA, GMOs, gluten, ammonia, and its by-products such as Ethalonamina, Diethalonamina and Triethalonamina. Moreover, they can result in not just natural black hair but could give a beautiful brown, dark brown, copper, burgundy, and red tinge. Do check the label for such chemical ingredients before buying, because natural products are always better.

Massage your hair with warm oil

Once you have washed off the henna after keeping it on for 2 hours, let your hair air dry. Once done, do a massage yourself with hot oil or request a loved one to do it. This oil helps to further absorb the nutrients and also nourishes the scalp further and strengthens the hair. In fact, it is always a great idea to regularly oil your hair as it provides moisture to the hair and increases shine.

Re-apply within 20 days for best results

Though the results for henna are long lasting, but you will need to re-apply henna at the roots as the new hair coming out is still grey. A touch up works perfectly if you don’t have too much time on hand. You can apply henna on entire head once in two months to get best results.

Henna not just covers the grey but with right nourishment it can also prevent further greying and result in beautiful, long and luscious hair.