Get Rid of These Toxic Habits if you Want to Stop Losing People

There is no denying the fact that one generally tries to keep away from toxic people. Some behavioural characteristics of people often repel others around them and if you consider yourself as one of them, you may need to bring about a change. The first step is to recognise those traits that are acting as repellents and then work on giving them up. We are listing some of these traits for you to identify if you have them.

Stop maintaining double standards:

If you are preaching something noble and practising the exact opposite, you will come across as someone who maintains double standards and no one wants to be acquaintances with such persons. Make sure you practice what you preach and you will automatically garner respect.

Avoid flaw finding:

Some people are often finding flaws in the actions and character traits of others and it is a sure-shot way of keeping people away. No one wants to be in the company of someone who will find faults with them at the drop of a hat. You may even irk someone close to another person you are criticising. Stop doing this if you have a habit of finding flaws. Keep a positive frame of mind to win hearts.

Do not backbite:

If you have a problem with someone, it is always best to confront them upfront than pull a fake pretence of friendship with that person and start gossiping about them with others as soon as the person is out of earshot. Talking behind a person’s back is an extremely negative trait and nobody appreciates it.

Do not compare:

Avoid comparing your friends and companions with others. Every individual has unique traits, features and individuality that set them apart. Let them be their benchmark instead of setting others as their benchmarks. This puts off most people.

Redefine what is cool and boring:

Lastly, you may need to redefine what is cool or what is boring. Talking about the Mayans and the ancient Egyptians may be cool to people who are history enthusiasts but boring to others. If it’s a casual conversation, converse keeping in mind the interest of the company.