This Winter, Explore This Hidden Gem In The State of Madhya Pradesh

During winter, many of us plan to explore Madhya Pradesh. And the places that first come to mind are its capital, Bhopal and India’s cleanest city, Indore. But have you heard about the tourist spot in Sagar?

Yes, Sagar is called the treasure of Madhya Pradesh. So if you are planning a trip to this state, you must visit Sagar.

Let us take a look at the places to visit in Sagar:

  1. Atal Park Tour: Atal Park located in Sagar was earlier known as Amrit Park. You can see beautiful flowers here during winter. You can make this journey memorable by enjoying cycling, swimming, and the cafeteria in Atal Park.
  1. Sagar Lake Tour: Sagar Lake is also known as Lakha Banjara Lake and Sagar Talab Bade. In winter, the attractive view of this lake is sure to melt the hearts of the people. Here you can enjoy boating and swimming, along with the beautiful sunset on the lake.
  2. Visit Gadhpahra Fort: The name of Gadpahra fort located in Sagar is included in the historical places of Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, if you are fond of visiting places with paranormal relevance, then you can consider a visit to Gadpahra Fort. However, entry is closed after the evening in this fort.
  3. Bhapel: For history lovers, Bhapel is a definite must-visit. It has some really interesting events going through. It is said to be a very important site during the famous 1857 rebellion when a group of British detach had a clash with the mutiny’s soldiers. It is also renowned for its annual fair held on Pournima Day. Bhapel also has a different name – Phular, because of the presence of the famous Mahadev Temple here.
  4. Bilhera: The founder of Sagar had founded Bilhera in 1659 A.D. You can enjoy the local Madhya Pradesh food here. It’s a humble little village with local shops and is very close to Sagar. It is a great place to witness Sagar’s local life.